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Alleygroup Associates, Inc. is a dual-purpose company:  digital photography and public relations consulting. The world is our studio and we aim to deliver services that meet the needs of clients in a variety of industries. We are driven to provide top-notch photography on-location, whether it is needed for motorsports media obligations, sponsor promotion, corporate documentation, websites, or action scenes that can be captured on location. We are highly skilled in the use of Photoshop, Picasa and other image management software and can provide customized images with or without text for your website, brochure or photo albums. Our photography work is promoted extensively through social media such as Twitter (@alleygroup) and Facebook on our Alleygroup Associates page, so your promotional and public relations investment will be seen by thousands of viewers interested in your product or project. 

Owner Jay Alley's professional career spans nearly 30 years in action photography and community development and he maintains associations with numerous other media professionals along with engineering, utility and construction experts who can quickly be assembled to tackle your project. Our contractual services can be for the precise duration you require them and include only those services required for your project to be successful. Look for our expansion into video production services in 2014!

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