Specialists in location and action photography.
Real Estate

The world is our studio. That is how we live.

Wherever we go, our cameras are ready for that moment that will only happen once so we can memorialize it. If you need photos for construction project documentation, "before" and "after" sequences, or simply need prints for decorating or illustration, then we can provide those at a reasonable cost in a variety of formats..

Real Estate and Construction




We do all these for you so you can free up your own personnel for critical tasks to keep your projects moving. Regular site photography can also serve as a best practice and an affirmative defense if allegations of subpar work by subcontractors, vandalism or safety inspection citations raise the level of scrutiny over your project. We can be an important part of your project team in these instances as well. Combined with Jay Alley's extensive experience in real estate project management, photography services can be part of a specialized consulting package that we can deliver to help you meet deadlines and  keep your project on track. 
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