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If you have never been to an open wheel race, then you don't know what you have missed. The cars come by various names - midgets, sprint cars, silver crown, outlaws. They race wheel to wheel on dirt and pavement all across the country and in Australia and New Zealand. Some have wings and some don't. Short tracks, long tracks, high banked or flat - they race on them all. We were raised on open wheel racing and have shot the best from Phoenix to Duquoin to the Hoosier Hundred to O'Reilly Raceway Park through the years.

The common thread for the open wheelers is they live to race, and tow their cars and equipment the same way it has been done for nearly a century. These are some of the best racers at any level, and the current crop of NASCAR drivers is proof of the caliber of talent seen in open wheel racing. Tony Stewart. Jeff Gordon. Ryan Newman. Kasey Kahne. The list goes on an on. Many of these racers still go back to their roots when they are not tied up with their primary rides, and that says it all for their love of this style of racing.

While the road to the Indianapolis 500 no longer runs through short track country as it once did, Sarah Fisher, the Andrettis and numerous other Indycar stars got their racing stripes in these fast and powerful little machines. We should not forget that one of the greatest open wheel racers of all time is a Hoosier - Steve Kinser - and he is still going strong in the World of Outlaws approaching the age of 50. Guys like Danny "The Dude" Lasoski pictured above make their living in open wheel racing.  Such longevity was unheard of not that long ago and you still have a chance to see the next legend or big show star in the making.

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