Specialists in location and action photography.
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The Jay Alley Picasa Photo Site includes all of the racing photography albums that are linked to his racing blog.

The Alleygroup Picasa Photo Site includes images used in the creation of this website as well as other albums featuring people, places, sports and event photography.

Jay Alley has been producing his racing blog since January 2007 and the link to "Welcome to Indiana-ville" will enable you to see the entire history of blog posts on racing topics and events.

Recommended Websites
- Indycar & Racing News/Photography

 - "Motorsports commentary for the fans, by the fans"

Paddock Talk 

http://www.paddocktalk.com/news/html/ - "F1, NASCAR, Indycar, MotoGp, ALMS and more!"


http://pressdog.typepad.com/dogblog/  - Indycar blogger & Twitterati


 - "Reader Supported IndyCar News" 

http://morefrontwing.com/ -  Sadly, this site has been de-commissioned and Indycar has lost an ardent media supporter



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