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Legends of Racing

Dale Earnhardt

Al Unser Jr.

Mario Andretti

Michael Schumacher

Stan Fox & Chuck Gurney

Valentino Rossi




Jay Alley began shooting motorsports in 1984 as a stringer for United Press International at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Since then, he has been involved in historic events at Indy and elsewhere in all kinds of racing series. The first Goodyear tire test at Indy for NASCAR? He was there as a staff photographer for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Formula One and MotoGP? He has captured action in these series as well. He has images of many of the Legends of Racing, such as Jackie Stewart, Dale Earnhardt, A. J. Foyt and others, at tracks around the United States and Canada. This page is dedicated to those men, some of whom are unfortunately no longer with us.

More Alleygroup photos of racing's legendary and historic past  can be seen at the "Historics" page through the following link.


Please check back often as new photos are continually added from the archives.

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