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Lady Racers

 Ana Beatriz
 Victory Lane Nashville 2008
First Woman to Win Firestone Indy Lights Race

Simona di Silvestro
IZOD Indycar Series Rookie 2010
Formula Atlantics Multi-Race Winner
 Angelle Sampey
NHRA Pro Stock Bike Champion (Retired)

Sarah Cornette Ching raced successfully in ARCA in 2016 and moved on to the NASCAR K&N Series.

Lyn St. James
Indycar & Sports Car Veteran - Mentor to Lady Racers
 Danica Patrick
First Woman to Win an Indycar Race
Sarah Fisher
First Woman to Win an Indycar Pole Position

Shirley Muldowney, Janet Guthrie and Lyn St. James have blazed the trail for women in racing's top level series since the 1960's. In a male-dominated sport like auto racing, it has been difficult for others to follow that trail without exceptional talent. Even that is no guarantee of success since funding is so often the fuel for motorsports success.

This page is dedicated to those women who have perserserved or are just trying to break into auto racing and chase their dreams of winning major races like the Indy 500, the US Nationals, or the Daytona 500.

Open wheel racing seems to be leading the pack for opportunities for women in racing. While this page focuses on those ladies who are behind the wheel, contributions for women in racing as engineers, crew members, statisticians, public relations representatives and similar roles are not to be overlooked. The photos and slideshow on this page are my contribution to recognizing the brave and talented women in racing who strive to compete with the best on the track.

Even though this page is titled "Lady Racers", that should not be taken as a slight by any means. It is merely a recognition of the diversity they bring to a sport so often dominated by testosterone and a good old boy network. Women like Angelle Sampey, Danica Patrick, Simona di Silvestro, Ana Beatriz and Pippa Mann are racers and winners!


 Pippa Mann
 Victory Lane 2010
Kentucky Speedway



Pippa Mann at Indy 2011

Simona DeSilvestro at Indy 2011
ho will be the next Lady Racer to go to Victory Lane? Whose picture will go here next? You go girls!

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